We want to provide the safest and most enjoyable trading environment possible.  We want sellers to succeed, and buyers to be happy.

For Sellers

The following rules are in effect for sellers.

  1. Reproductions.  Our first principle at History Hunter Auctions is accuracy in listings.  Any reproduction sold at History Hunter Auctions must be so-labeled.  We will not tolerate the sale of reproductions.  At our sole discretion, any listing that we feel violates this policy may be ended, with any fees paid by the seller, abandoned without recourse. 
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  3. General Listing Guidelines.  To minimize any misunderstandings, it is the seller's responsibility to photograph or mention any damage to an artifact being sold.  This will minimize any disagreements regarding the condition of an item "as received" by a buyer.

  4. Contact.  When your auction closes, you must contact the buyer within 3 days of the close of your auction.

  5. Returns.  Returns must be allowed by the seller for any reason for a period of 7 days from the delivery date/time as shown on a delivery receipt.  If the delivery method agreed upon by the parties does not provide a delivery/confirmation receipt, then the return period will extend to 7 days from the date the lot is paid for.

For Buyers

Craig Gottlieb Militaria, Inc. does NOT certify the items posted for sale by members at History Hunter Auctions, and is in NO WAY responsible for listings and transactions between members.  We do not make any guarantees for the accuracy of the listing, the safe arrival of your items, the return of your money in case of a refund, or any other aspect of the transaction.

  1. Payment.  Unless other arrangements are made in writing with the seller, you must pay for your auction lot within 3 days after you receive your invoice.
  2. Returns.  Any returns must be sent via traceable conveyance, and in the exact same condition as was received by you.



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