In 2001, Ebay prohibited the sale of many military antiques, firearms, and related merchandise.  While many websites tried to fill the void left behind, none were able to attract enough buyers to make selling worthwhile.  And without the goods, buyers stayed away.  It was the perfect storm for failure, and no single website stepped into the gap.  That's until now.

Sellers: We've Got Traffic
Due to my role on History Channel's Hit TV show Pawn Stars, I receive thousands of dailly visitors to my websites.  These people all love history, but many don't know that a market for military artifacts exists.  In addition, I am known by almost everyone in the industry.  Put this popularity to work for you ... I have the buyers that are ready to shop, and who want to buy your stuff!

Buyers: We've Got Merchandise
As one of the largest volume military antique and firearms dealers in the world, I spend millions of dollars annually.  Even with my dedicated staff, we are unable to market everything.  So, we used to sell wholesale lots to other dealers.  Well now, we can offer those artifacts to you here. In addition, many families with war trophies passed down for generations, are looking for access to you, the retail customer.

Everyone: Safety and Accuracy
This site exists to facilitate low-cost transactions between buyers and sellers of military antiques and firearms.  While no marketplace is 100% safe and risk free (in the digital or real world), our system is designed to minimize buying and selling abuses.  Our feedback system, pro-forum attitude, and my ability to discern cases of fraud and abuse all contribute to a safer experience.

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